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TEP4220 Energi/miljøkonsekv H-04

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Admission typeApplication: An application is sent to the course administrator as an e-mail message, from which he or she can accept or reject the application.
Responsible Klaus-Ole Vogstad
LanguageNorwegian (bokmål)
DescriptionThe course teaches the fundamentals of system dynamics (see explanation below) with particular application to energy and environmental problems. The course makes extensive use of interactive computer learning environments (microworlds). Management flight simulators are used to get a realistic feel and to experience energy and environmental problems in a decision making context, such as the management of renewable resources, investments in energy technologies, trading in electricity markets, technology development, and sustainability issues. Moreover, students will learn how to conceptualise problems and translate them into formal, quantitative computer models using causal loop diagrams, stock and flow diagrams and system dynamics computer software.